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Freimut Bodendorf
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Carolin Durst
Marian Fietta
Andreas Hamper
Adrian Hauptmann
Jan Hofmann
Sebastian Huber
Matthias Lederer
Alexander Piazza
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Peter Schott
Janine Viol
Christian Zagel


Courses summer term 14:
Master programs: IIS, IBS, Informatik, Management, Marketing, Wing, Wipäd, Wima

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research overview

Research Overview

Research at the Department of Information Systems II focuses on new technologies as well as innovative strategies and solutions in the fields of Service Business.
Examined are especially systems and technologies to optimize processes (Business Process Management) and harness information resources (Business Intelligence).

Research Projects

List of the current research projects at WI II

Research Community

Journals and Conferences

Recent Publications

Bodendorf, F., Huber, S. (2014): From Prescriptive Process Models to Agile Case Modeling. In: EcoMod2014 - International Conference on Economic Modeling, Bali, Indonesia.
Huber, S., Zagel, C., Bodendorf, F. (2014): Interactive System Design for Collaborative Case Management. In: T. Abraham, W. Karwowski, and T. Marek (Eds.): 5th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics AHFE 2014, Krakow, Poland, p. in print.
Zagel, C., Bodendorf, F. (2014): Success Factors and Approaches of Service Fascination: A Research Framework. In: T. Abraham, W. Karwowski, and T. Marek (Eds.): 5th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics AHFE 2014, Krakow, Poland, p. 4947-4958.

Partner aus der Wirtschaft

Alexander Piazza, M.Sc.

Alexander Piazza
roleResearch assistant and Ph.D. student
telephone number(0911) 5302 - 803
telefax number(0911) 5302 - 379
room numberRoom 4.439
service hoursservice hours: Wed by arrangement

Course Responsibilities


Kaiser, C., Piazza, A., Kröckel, J., Bodendorf, F. (2011): Are Humans like Ants? - Analyzing Collective Opinion Formation in Online Discussions. In: Proceedings of the Third IEEE International Conference on Social Computing , Boston, IEEE, New York, p. 266-273.
Piazza, A., Süßmuth, J., Protogerakis, W.-D. , Enders, F., Naraghi, R., Greiner, G., Hastreiter, P. (2010): Color Encoded Distance Visualization for Analysis of Cranial Nerve-Vessel Contacts. International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery 5(6), p. 647-654.
Piazza, A., Süßmuth, J., Enders, F., Naraghi, R., Greiner, G., Hastreiter, P. (2009): Analysis and Visualization of Nerve-Vessel Contacts for Neurovascular Decompression. In: Thomas et al. Deserno (Eds.): Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2009 - Algorithmen Systeme, Anwendungen. Springer, p. 21-25.

Supervised Student Reports (excerpt)

  • Nutzenpotenzial von Business Analytics und Big Data im Einzelhandel
    (Emanuel Marx; Bachelor Thesis; 2014)
  • Ableitung von Erfolgsfaktoren zur Nutzung von Social Media Daten in der Marktfoschung
    (Anne-Kathrin Reif; Bachelor Thesis; 2014)
  • Enterprise Content Management and Personalization in the Digital Marketing Context: state-of-the-art Analysis at the example of a global acting sporting goods company
    (Felipe Villaveces; Master Thesis; 2014)
  • Explorative Analyse des Nutzenpotenzials von Bildern im Web 2.0 für die Kreativität von Produktdesignern
    (Jil Krachenfels; Bachelor Thesis; 2014)
  • Derivation of an holistic marketing intelligence framework at the example of a global acting sporting goods company
    (Alexandre Lagüe-Jacques; Master Thesis; 2014)
  • Systematische Untersuchung des Einflussrahmens eines Chief Digital Officers auf die Erreichung der Unternehmensziele
    (Alexandru-Petru Bria; Bachelor Thesis; 2014)
  • Nutzenpotential von nutzergenerierten Bilddaten im Web 2.0 für das Geomarketing
    (Christoph Schmidt; Bachelor Thesis; 2014)
  • Lokalisierung von Sportlern anhand georeferenzierter Bilddaten im Rahmen des Geomarketing
    (Philipp Neuner; Bachelor Thesis; 2014)
  • Automated Sports Recognition in Images
    (Yongquan Ding; Master Thesis; 2014)
  • Concept development and implementation of a recommendation system on outfits
    (Qinwen Sun; Master Thesis; 2014)
  • Location-oriented visualization and mining of large image collections of social media for decision support and brand monitoring in marketing
    (Christina Crombach; Master Thesis; 2013)
  • Identification of best practices for sports brands on social media marketing in China
    (Ting Cui; Master Thesis; 2013)
  • Unlocking the potential of Social CRM: Building rich Customer views
    (Kathrin Geck; Bachelor Thesis; 2013)
  • Automated detection of brand-relevant images using image mining techniques
    (Wenzhou Xue; Master Thesis; 2013)
  • Facial Recognition - A State of the Art Literature Review
    (Dominik Forster; Bachelor Thesis; 2013)
  • Herleitung eines Modells für die Klassifikation von Bildern für das Marketing am Beispiel der Sportartikelindustrie
    (Dana Hasselbruch; Bachelor Thesis; 2013)
  • Prototypische Implementierung und Evaluation eines Logo-Recongition Systems basierend auf Local Features
    (Aleksandr Rapoport; Bachelor Thesis; 2013)
  • Spatial and temporal data mining and visualization of color trends in a global sporting goods manufacturer
    (Alejandra Maya Madrid; Master Thesis; 2013)
  • Data-driven talent identification in sports marketing - exploring the potential of social media analytics for talent identification
    (Pavlina Davcheva; Master Thesis; 2013)
  • Konzeption und prototypische Realisierung einer interaktiven Informationsvisualisierung von Nachrichten Text-Streams
    (Young Hwan Cho; Diploma Thesis; 2013)
  • Smart TV as an innovative marketing approach for customer attraction. Analysis of the potential for marketing and the development of a prototypical application
    (Miguel Carvalho da Silva; Master Thesis; 2012)
  • Erarbeitung eines Konzeptes zur Nutzung von Open Data zur Talent Identification im Sportmarketing
    (Juliane Böhm; Bachelor Thesis; 2012)
  • Derivation of a gamification framework to design innovations for higher customer engagement
    (William Bonaldo Falls; Master Thesis; 2012)
  • Ermittlung und Validierung von Key Performance Indikatoren für das Social Media Monitoring
    (Vanessa Schaffranietz; Master Thesis; 2012)
  • Konzeption einer viralen Marketingkampagne zur Förderung von Behindertensport
    (Kerstin Stern; Bachelor Thesis; 2012)
  • Analyse der Verbreitung von marketingrelevanten Informationen in sozialen Medien
    (Hanno Goschy; Bachelor Thesis; 2012)
  • Nutzenpotentiale der Analyse und Visualisierung spatio-temporaler Marketingdaten
    (Julia Credé; Bachelor Thesis; 2012)
  • Nutzenpotentiale marketingrelevanter Daten aus sozialen Netzwerken
    (Julia Meixner; Bachelor Thesis; 2012)


since 2011

Member of research staff and Ph. D. student at the Chair of Information Systems II of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

2010-2011 Semester abroad at the Universidad de Sevilla, Spain

Study of International Information Systems at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Degree: M.Sc.


Study of Computational Engineering at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Degree: B.Sc.


High school degree at the Berufsoberschule Hof


Vocational IT-Training (Fachinformatiker für Anwendungsentwicklung)


Born in Hof

Work Experience

since 2011

Member of research staff and Ph. D. student at the Chair of Information Systems II of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

since 2011
adidas Group - Global IT CoE Marketing

Research Assistend, Chair of Information Systems II, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg


Working Student, Siemens AG


Working Student, Computing Center Erlangen (RRZE)


German-Brasil Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Goiânia (Brasil)


Vocational Training, SchmidtBank KGaA

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